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There are many standard items used in boiler rooms, from fish plants to universities, which often need to be repaired or replaced. H&R Mechanical keeps these items in stock so that they can be sent to customers as soon as possible. The following is just a small selection of popular items we carry. For pricing, technical assistance or any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scalex NA
Scalex NA is an all purpose steam boiler treatment for the prevention of scale and oxygen pitting in steam generating systems using city makeup water that has not been softened. Scalex NA will effectively react chemically with dissolved oxygen in boiler water to prevent oxygen pitting of the feedwater and boiler system.
Available in 5 Gallon Pails and 45 Gallon Drums

(Also see Scalex Details and Scalex MSDS)

Molytreat 10 is a molybdate-based corrosion and scale inhibitor for use in recirculating, heating or chilled water closed systems. Molytreat 10 retards scaling on high temperature heat exchangers and establishes a protective film on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Available in 5 Gallon Pails.

(Also see Molytreat Details and Molytreat MSDS)

Molytreat 10

Damascus AB70
Damascus Air Bond 70 is a plastic refractory which is easy to place and sets within 24 hours (depending on application conditions and thickness; curing is also required). AB70 is available in 55lb boxes, each containing four slabs of poundable refractory. AB70 is good in service up to 3100 F (1705 C) and is typically used in boiler settings and incinerators in direct contact with flame.

Superpatch is a fireclay mortar used for installing firebrick in combustion chambers. It is also good for minor repairs and grouting of existing refractories and is good for 3000 F (1650 C).
Superpatch is available in 55lb pails.

(Also see Superpatch45 MSDS)
Superpatch 45

Oclansorb is an instantaneous, water-repelling cleanup agent for industrial and marine oil spills. It absorbs most types of oil, varnishes, oil-based paints, printing inks and solvents. Oclansorb absorbs up to 12 times its weight , begins to pickup oil immediately, does not release oil and meets leachate standards. It is non-toxic, environmentally safe and approved by Environment Canada. Storage is unlimited if kept in a dry place and best of all, its manufactured here in Newfoundland!
Available in 44 litre bags.

These heavy gauge mounts are used for many types of liquid level verification. We stock the " pipe size kit which includes top and bottom gauges with aluminum wheels, 2 copper guard rods and a 12" long piece of 5/8" OD sight glass. Other pipe sizes and glass lengths are available upon request.
Gague Set

Site Glass
H&R stocks tubular sight glass for boiler, pressure vessel and condensate tank applications. Sight glass is available in the following sizes:

Glass Clear: ", 5/8", 3/4" up to 6 feet long
Glass Red Line: 5/8", 3/4" up to 6 feet long
Glass Extra Heavy: 5/8", 3/4" up to 4 feet long
Plastic: ", 5/8", 1",
1-1/4", 1-3/4", 2"
up to 8 feet long

A range of single spiral and double spiral brushes with single stem and double stem are kept in stock for cleaning applications. These are used in cleaning out condenser and boiler tubes and are available in sizes from 5/16" up to 2-1/2" diameter. Longer handled brushes are also available for cleaning out cast iron sectional boilers.

For commercial boilers we stock handhole gaskets ranging in size from 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" x " up to 4" x 6". Elliptical and obround gaskets are available as well as handhole covers and bolts. Special sizes are available on request.

We stock these gaskets in red rubber, a neoprene compound and sipratallic in sizes of 11"x15"x1-1/4", 12"x16"x1-1/4". Neoprene compound also available 14"x18"x1-1/2". Special sizes on request. Also stocked are manhole covers, with or without a stone lining.
Manhole Gaskets

Rope Gaskets
Rope gaskets used in sealing boiler doors and for various other applications are stocked in both soft and hard types. These are made of braided and twisted ceramic fibre. Sizes available are as follows:

Soft: 1/2", 3/4" and 1" (round)
Hard: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" , 3/4" and 1" (round)
3/4", 1" and 5/8"x1-1/4" (square)

Temperature gauges and pressure gauges are available, both liquid filled and dry for various pressures, sizes and applications.


Burner Parts
We have a range of parts available for burners including:
  • transformers
  • ignition wire and connectors
  • electrodes
  • blower wheels and motors
  • fuel pumps and couplings
  • combustion controls and accessories, etc.

H&R holds a wide range of oil burner nozzles in stock. Flow rates available range from 0.50 GPH to 45.00 GPH in various spray patterns and angles including:

Spray Patterns: A, AB, AR, B, BPS, EH, ES, H, HV, NS,
P, PLP, R, S, SS & W
Angles: 30, 45, 60, 70, 80 and 90

Hago is the most common brand we stock and in most cases we can cross reference one for your needs. Not sure of which nozzles you may need for your burner? H&R has an extensive knowledge of boilers and burners as well as a library of catalogues, spec sheets and history files. We can help you find the right nozzles, and our experienced burner technicians can troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.


Filter Parts
We stock filters and refills for:
  • General (small and large)
  • Fulflo (FB4, FB6 and FB10)
  • Combu filters

Elbows, caps, tees, nipples, couplings unions; we carry a range of standard fittings for use in water, oil and steam applications. Various sizes, available in 150 and 300lb. Fittings are in limited quantities.
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