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H&R Mechanical Supplies Ltd. offers a number of services to meet most of the needs of industrial and commercial customers in the areas of heating and steam generation. Below you will find descriptions of the work we carry out and the services we offer.

  • Supply & installation of heating and process boilers

  • Re-tubing of both firetube and watertube boilers

  • Chemical treatment for the prevention of boiler scale and protection of shell and tubes

  • Annual cleaning and maintenance of all boiler types

  • Acid cleaning of boilers to remove built up scale

  • Replacement of Cast Iron Boiler sections

  • Repairs to and supply of handhole and manhole covers and gaskets

  • Supply and installation of rubber and rope gaskets for various boilers

  • Stack replacement and repairs

  • Trouble shooting, repairs and replacement of motors, pumps, pressuretrols, valves and piping for steam, hot and cold water

  • Asbestos Removal (small projects)

Boiler Rentals
  • Rental of steam boilers

  • High Pressure Steam units available in
    40, 70, 80 & 100 HP (Click here for more details)

  • Low Pressure Steam units available in 30 HP

  • Call us for pricing and availability

  • Supply and installation of new burners

  • Retrofitting existing burners

  • Repairs and maintenance to all kinds of industrial and commercial burners

  • Adjustments and efficiency tests

  • Oil line repairs and replacement

  • Replacement parts supply and installation, including nozzles, electrodes, controls, ignition transformers, diffusers etc.

  • Supply and installation of waste oil burners

  • Troubleshooting analysis of controls, testing of combustion controls (in shop)

  • Sales of refractory products
  • Repair and replacement of refractory in boiler doors & walls, burner cones, etc.
  • Manufacture of refractory bricks and prefabricated shapes
  • Incinerator refractories: complete replacement and repairs
  • High pressure welding on boilers and tube sheets
  • Repairs and fabrication of pressure vessels, headers and fittings
  • Fabrication and repairs to condensate tanks and pumping systems
  • Welded pipe installation and repairs
Relining DHWT (Domestic Hot Water Tanks)
  • Removal of old hot water tank linings
  • Installation of new linings with a 5 year guarantee
  • Repairs to hot water tanks including welding in patches, installation of heating coils and new takeoffs
  • Supply and installation of new domestic hot water tanks
Technical Sales and Assistance
  • Sourcing and supply of any products related to boiler room setups, pumps, boilers, pressure vessels, filters etc.
  • Technical assistance on any of the above services
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