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Pocono Fabricators manufacture cementatious protective linings. These are premixed linings requiring only the addition of water. The product which H&R stocks is called Pre-Krete G-8, a calcium alumiate hydraulic cement that provides corrosion and abrasion resistance in acidic applications. We sell as well as install Pre-Krete linings for customers throughout the province.

Pre-Krete reduces downtime costs associated with failures, extends the life expectancy of equipment, is chemically resistant to alkaline and acidic conditions, is easily applied and cures quickly. Many industries use Pre-Krete including:

  • power generation
  • metal manufacturing
  • mining
  • water storage and treatment
  • pulp & paper

  • chemical processing
  • food processing
  • waste treatment
  • petro-chemical
  • laundry & linen service

As a franchised Dealer / Applicator for Pocono since 1979, we have installed Pre-Krete linings into domestic hot water tanks and other applications throughout the island. While we provide a 5-year guarantee against workmanship, we are sure that you will find that Pre-Krete linings last for many years providing excellent service.

Pre-Krete G-8 Details:

  • Resistant to solutions having a PH of 2.5 to 7 and temperatures below 1,000F.

  • Offers excellent resistance to sulfuric acids associated with the burning of various fuels in stacks, breechings, and scrubbers.

  • Resists hydrogen sulfides found in sewage and waste treatment facilities.

  • Low absorption prevents corrosive elements from penetrating the substrate.

  • Provides long term protection to vessels containing all types of potable water regardless of PH, hardness, or softness.

  • Tensile strength is 70% higher than other portland based cements assuring maximum durability.

  • Offers 20 times more abrasion resistance than portland cements.

  • High density ensures less corrosion. G-8 has a dry density of 137 pounds per cubic foot.

  • Pre-Krete will expand and contract with a mild steel substrate giving you maximum flexibility in your application.

Pre-Krete: MSDS Technical Specs

Also available upon request are formula Pre-Krete C-17 which provides corrosion and abrasion resistance in neutral and alkaline applications, and formula Pre-Krete FS-16 which is a fast setting cement designed for instant repairs to cracks, holes and deteriorating concrete.

C-17 MSDS Technical Specs

FS-16 MSDS Technical Specs


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