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Indeck Boiler Corporation (Volcano)

Volcano was originally founded in 1920 in the city of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. In 1983 it built a 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the North West of St. Hyacinthe from which it continues to operate to this day. At this site it performs all of its engineering, production and administration, now as Indeck Boiler Corporation.

Indeck Power Equipment took over the Volcano Technologies operations in June of 2002. Indeck Boiler Corp. became a sister company to Indeck Power Equipment of Wheeling Illinois, USC.

Volcano, now Indeck, continues to manufacture the same high quality boiler they have for many years including the following:

  • Industrial water tube boilers up to 250,000 PPH,
    • D Series
    • A Series
    • O Series
  • HRSG Heat Recovery boilers for co-generation
  • High pressure saturated and superheated steam packages
  • industrial deaerator packages up to 250,000 PPH
  • Firetube Starfire boilers up to 1,200 BHP
  • ThermoFlo high efficiency bent tube water tube boilers up to 1,500 BHP for high and low pressure steam, hot water, high temperature glycol and thermal fluid applications
  • “Lamont” water tube boilers, up to 150,000 Mbtu output for high temperature hot water, water glycol and thermal fluid applications

Two of the more popular units are the Starfire and Thermoflo units, manufactured in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.


This package Firetube Boiler has been serving the industry since the 1940's, with more than the equivalent of 2 million Boiler Horse Power installed. This boiler combines age old reliable durability, with modern technology to bring you one of the most efficient and economical dry-back firetube packages available on the market today.

The furnace tube is located as close as possible to the centre of the tube sheet which permits thermal expansion of the furnace without causing undue stresses to the tube sheet. The second and third gas passes are located concentrically about the furnace creating a gradual temperature gradient across the surface of the tube sheet, reducing the potential for thermal expansion stressing.

Due to the configuration of the return chamber, its fastening mechanism and the high temperature seal cable located between the return chamber ridge and rear tube sheet, a positive seal between the second and third gas pass is insured.

The return chamber consists of a single refractory lined metal dish, contoured to redirect the flow of combustion gasses from the furnace into the second pass. The dish contains less refractory material than most competitive designs which use cumbersome refractory-brick lined rear doors.

Accessibility to the tube sheet is simply a matter of unbolting the door lugs and drawing back the self-aligning davit hung doors.

Other features of the Starfire unit include:

  • Naturally induced internal circulation (on hot water models)
  • Internal directional feed water deflector
  • Fully integrated boiler skid (rugged structural steel supporting base, packaged unit with integral supports for accessories, ease of manoeuvring for installation, low profile for easy transportation and low overhead clearances)
  • Packaged boiler burner assembly
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Dual front doors

Available in:
  • Hot Water
  • Low Pressure Steam
  • High Pressure Steam


The Volcano packaged Balanced Watertube Thermoflow boiler is of the two-drum multipass watertube type with five longitudinal passes separated by tangent waterwall tubes to ensure maximum gas travel. All the boiler components are bolted together to provide easy maintenance and assembly.

The tubes are symmetrical to ensure fast, uniform and balanced circulation throughout the boiler, with maximum heat transfer and operating efficiency. Overall efficiency is in excess of 80%.

Other points of note on the Thermoflo units are:

  • Ideal for low nox applications
  • Thermal Shock Proof
    • Large downcomers provide natural circulation without dependence on external circulating pumps
    • Multipass watertube design with symmetrical tubes, balanced flow and heat transfer is capable of operating with temperature differentials up to 150° F; virtually eliminates possibility of thermal shock
    • Design provides quick start-up and operation time
    • Pressure vessel warranted against thermal shocks for a period of 20 years
  • Insulation
    • Boiler inner casing made of 11 gauge steel & 2" thick 1900° F ceramic insulation
    • Combustion chamber floor & ends built with 1900° F ceramic fiberboard insulation & 2700° F high temperature castable refractory
    • Outer casing consists of 3/4" thick fiberglass insulation enclosed in 18 gauge corrugated steel panels; 2" air space between inner & outer casing provides further insulation to ensure cool jacket surface and minimize heat loss
    • Outer casing can be removed in sections and has hard enamel paint finish
  • Accessibility and service
    • Entire inner & outer casings can be easily removed/replaced for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of tubes.
    • Combustion chamber access door located at rear of boiler
    • Using a forced draft gun-type burner provides easy access to all burner components & control panel
  • Field Assembly
    • Units can be shipped disassembled for field erection. Simple bolt-on design enables anyone to assemble boiler without incurring the expense of a pressure welder
Available in:
  • Hot Water
  • Low Pressure Steam
  • High Pressure Steam

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