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Carlin Combustion Technology Inc.

Carlin Combustion Technology Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the field of Burners and Combustion controls. Their products range from residential to commercial applications for use with both oil & gas.

In the commercial market, Carlin’s nine superior models are known and trusted for applications from small office buildings to hotels, factories and schools. The commercial models feature fully automatic programming primary safety controls and a range of flame detectors, as well as step modulation which can save up to 15% on fuel bills on an annual basis. Carlin burners are energy efficient and will run clean yielding a high C02 in virtually every application.

H&R Mechanical has been representing Carlin since 1979 and has installed hundreds of Carlin burner units all over Newfoundland & Labrador. We stock replacement parts for all units and even keep whole burner units ready for installation as soon as they are needed

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Indeck Boiler Corporation (Volcano)

Indeck Boiler Corporation, and Volcano Boilers, a subsidiary, are manufacturers of boilers including watertube, firetube, pulp & paper, refinery, waste heat boilers, solid fuel boilers and more.

Two of the more popular units are the Volcano Starfire and Thermoflo units, manufactured in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.

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Fireye is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flame safeguard controls, combustion efficiency products and burner management systems for the HVAC market place.

Their product lines cover sophisticated flame scanners, amplifiers, accessories and complete microprocessor-based control systems with programmable controllers and igniters. Fireye products are used for a range of setups from single-burner boilers and furnaces to the largest multi-burner boilers used in electric power plants, pulp and paper mills, petro-chemical facilities and food processing plants. Wherever there is a need to control and manage combustion, Fireye products can meet the application requirements.

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Patterson-Kelley/Pocono Fabricators

Pocono Fabricators manufacture cementatious protective linings. These are premixed linings requiring only the addition of water.

The product which H&R stocks is called Pre-Krete G-8, a calcium alumiate hydraulic cement that provides corrosion and abrasion resistance in acidic applications. We sell as well as install Pre-Krete linings for customers throughout the province.

Pre-Krete reduces downtime costs associated with failures, extends the life expectancy of equipment, is chemically resistant to alkaline and acidic conditions, is easily applied and cures quickly.

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